Takenoko… Family Panda Time

A while ago now, when I was first convincing the family that Board Games could be something more than Monopoly, one of the things that helped were to select games with a great art style and a family friendly theme. It doesn’t get much friendlier than feeding a Panda.


Goof’s Guide… Let Them Stand Out

How many roleplaying games are there about being level 0 civilians? Know why that is? Coz it’s boring. Farmville: Tabletop Edition is not the sort of thing which is likely to do well (oh please don’t make that. I will boycott that).


Five Tribes… And a Whole New World

Tabletop gaming has vastly changed. The shelves of Kmart now include Pandemic, Crowdfunding has so many various and wonderful ideas being implemented, and there are now webseries about my favourite hobby.