A Glance at Tiny Epic Galaxies…

Base Game Review

Player/s: 1-5

Play Time (Box): 30-45mins

Play Time (Goof): 30-60mins

Producers: Gamelyn Games

Designer/s: Scott Almes

Okay look. I went into this one pretty damn excited. I’d heard a whole bunch of positive things about the Tiny Epic series and most people seem to be saying Galaxies is the best one (if you differ on that, tell me which one I should check out next in the comments).

For a sci-fi fanatic (scifanatic?) like myself, hearing there was an awesome game about expanding your empire, colonising new worlds, all with a deep level of strategy and played in about thirty minutes…well it seemed too good to be true! Like… I started to have doubts.

What was missing? Where was the obvious hole I was overlooking amongst the shiny? Where was the inevitable Jar Jar to an otherwise fantastic setting? (Still think Jar Jar should have been a Sith Lord).

Well, sci-fi fans aboard the Battlestar Gamelyn. You’ll be happy to know I wasn’t a red shirt on this particular episode of our continuing missions. And Tiny Epic Galaxies actually brings home the oaty bars.

Let me give you a glance through the main viewer.

On Screen!


The Good

I love rolling dice, but it also comes with an issue I regularly struggle with. Luck Mitigation. Two words I’ve probably written on more reviews and glances than “Goof” and “Review”. Luck is what makes a game fun, but choices in mitigation is what makes a game a game.

What I love about Tiny Epic Galaxies is that you have so many options with each die face. Unlike games like King of Tokyo (where you want your rerolls to come up with certain faces), you can easily set yourself up to combo most faces to a result you’d like. Which is where the core of the gameplay decisions take place.

I’ve always been a lover of long games. One reason for this is I absolutely adore the feeling of accomplishment which comes with making decisions which lead to advancements for your faction/character. Tiny Epic Galaxies creates similar feelings of accomplishment by finding a way to in effect keep you playing the whole game. The culture resource which lets you follow other players’ actions is incredibly valuable because you can advance your empire, colonize worlds, and even send your ships to new planets all on other players turns. Cramming a long game’s worth of decisions into half a dozen rounds.



The Bad

Sometimes I feel game designers get so caught up in a gimmick they were planning to sell their game on it actually detracts. In this case the ‘Tiny’ bit. When you look at the price point of the game, it really isn’t a lot cheaper than games with bigger components. And you’re not paying component costs in the price for the ‘Epic’ or ‘Galaxies’ parts.

I find I knock the damn pieces over by accident all the time. And I’ve watched most of the other people I’ve played with do the same thing. If the pieces were bigger, it’d be easier to tell where they were prior to being knocked, or to not send them flying at warp speed across the other side of the sector (read: table). Not to mention someone dropped one on the ground once and we basically had to get a microscope out to find the damn thing.




I love Tiny Epic Galaxies. It’s fun, it seriously seems to have a lot of replayability. I have some issues with the design of the game even pretending Energy and Culture are inherently the same value but let’s leave a few things for the full review (which will likely not be Tiny).

Gamelyn, may you live long and prosper. Because you’ve made an excellent game I look forward to playing for many years to come.

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