Tabletop Games

Love Letter…Love at Second Glance

I never fully understood why we had to learn Shakespeare in high school. I enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as much as the next guy (okay...probably more than most guys), but it sure didn’t seem to help me much in my after school job at Blockbuster, or in my University studies. I breached this topic with my father a few years back and he regaled me with a time it had impacted on his life.

Cards Against Humanity… NSFW

I feel it best to start this review by mentioning that this game may not be for everyone. Some of you out there may even take offence to elements of this game. If you feel like that may be you, and that reading this might be upsetting; I thank you very much for visiting The Goof Review and encourage you to check out one of our other reviews.

Star Realms… Beam me up Obi!

Hello. My name is Goof and I am a Star Realms addict. It’s been twenty-four hours since my last hit and I’m probably going to play again after I finish writing this post… Actually if you’ll excuse me I’ll be right back… Let me try that again – It’s been two minutes since my last game.

Sushi Go… Makes me hungry like sumo!

On the other hand, I wasn’t thrilled at the concept of playing a game where you get the fun of going to the sushi train but lack the actual eating component. I mean sure, you could eat the cards but that has its own issues: like the fact you can’t play it again and soy sauce doesn’t really compliment the cardboard.

King of Tokyo… Rule the Rubber Suits!

It feels like you're sitting around with a couple friends smashing toys together screaming "rawr" at the top of your voice. And since I became an adult I find my friends less willing to smash toys together and scream "rawr", so it's a nice feeling.

Ticket to Ride: Europe… All aboard the colour express.

I was apprehensive when my eight year old sister decided she wanted to play 'Ticket to Ride: Europe'. Not because she's not smart; as I said, we come from intelligent genes. But she's young and easily distracted. And it's got a couple of complicated elements the original doesn't. I sensed a bogged down session with many frustrations ahead. My dad suggested maybe they work together on a team for this game, and she could play the next. But she was adamant that she wanted to do it for herself.