Crowdfunding Corner… 5 November 2016

Can I make a plea here for a moment? If you’re looking to put together a crowdfunding campaign for your latest kickass amazing mindblowing tabletop game, please explain a bit about what your game is in the video. As someone who trawls through campaign after campaign, the video is often my first point of access. I love looking at all these amazing campaigns and getting excited about what’s being tested and tried- but I can’t begin to count the amount of videos that play emotive music over sweeping shots of components and don’t explain anything about what the game is going to be like.

But this isn’t about them. These campaigns have got me excited. And let me show you why.

Thug Life


Developer: Horseshoe Games, LLC

Player/s: 2-5

Funded: 14%

Campaign Ends: 14 November 2016 AEST

Style: Criminal Empire Building

I grew up playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. I never thought of myself as a gangbanging street rat (I had Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers sheets until I was… maybe I’ve still got them). But despite my geeky exterior, I always enjoyed playing games where I had to be hardcore and #thuglyf (that’s the one right?). This game looks like a blast. And I’m super eager to play.

Check out the Thug Life campaign here


Destiny Aurora: Renegades


Developer: Destiny Horizons

Player/s: 1-4

Funded: 93%

Campaign Ends: 8 December 2016 AEST

Style: Sci-fi space battles and exploration teams

If you’ve been reading TGR for awhile, you know how I feel about science fiction. I’m such a sucker for space battles, laser fights and exploring the final frontier.

This game hits me on so many levels. Choosing unique crew and ships, not to mention the various equipment and enemies you can encounter… I’m practically drooling. My only hope is that they continue to support the game after it’s released.

Check out the Destiny Aurora: Renegades campaign here


The Edge: Dawnfall


Developer: Awaken Realms

Player/s: 1-4

Funded: 626%

Campaign Ends: 15 November 2016 AEST

Style: Miniature Style Campaigns

I’ve been really enjoying an abstract tile game called Neuroshima Hex. It’s a game that feels really full of flavor and strategy. So when I saw that the creator has designed a miniatures game with a campaign setting and tons of factions (that look fascinating and twisted), I had to give it a look. This looks intense, and I’m super excited to get my hands on the various factions and spend days running campaigns with my friends. The thought is so exhilarating. I’m gonna stop talking now…just…just watch the video.

Check out The Edge campaign here


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