Crowdfunding Corner… 8 October 2016

I love crowdfunding tabletop games. Actually I love crowdfunding in general. I know that it comes with risks – anyone can throw together a campaign and post it online. It means that a lot of these games are not produced by designers, and even those that are aren’t checked by publishers who are supposed to be experts in what sells. This can make for some really thin strategies, some shocking components and honestly a waste of money. I hear these concerns a lot. But growing up as a young geek, I tended to shy away from majority of board games. I would go into Mr Toys Toyworld, or Toys ‘R’ Us and look over the shelves, wishing for something to jump out at me. If I was lucky there was a newly themed Monopoly that had an IP I liked, or a newly skinned Guess Who. It was just boring.

We’re going through a tabletop renaissance at the moment. Games are being released that are exciting and fresh. They’re not sticking with established patterns of “what sells” and instead are asking “what’s fun”. Games are being made that as I child I would have had to spend days picking between to buy (instead of only the hours I spend now). And, in part, we have crowdfunding to thank for that.

Crowdfunding gives us freedom to experiment and try new things. It allows us to apply that wacky theme or make those odd components. It allows us to get our designs out of our head and onto the gaming table. I thought it worth grabbing a few of them and showing people what’s out there, and why I’m excited about them.


Zupper Dolls

Developer: Sum Chan

Players: 2-3 

Funded: 2%

Campaign Ends: 31 October 2016 AEST

Style: Race

What drew me to this game is that it’s doing something interesting with the components. I mean magnetic cards that let me see my character in 3D and slot items into it? I know this game is more family orientated (the theme is super cute), but I’m super keen to give it a try. I haven’t seen these magnetic cards used in other games before, but to me they wouldn’t be out of place in a more mature content game either.

The fact you use the box as a component is also a positive to me. I love games that make the most out of their components, after all you are paying for it so it might as well be useful.

Check the Zuper Dolls campaign out here


Scion 2nd Edition

Company: Onyx Path

Players: 3-5 (?)

Funded: 850%

Campaign Ends: 23 October 2016 

Style: Tabletop RPG

If you’ve read any of our segment Goof’s Guide, then you’ll know I’m into tabletop roleplaying games in a huge way. I started my journey into this genre with Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, and soon learnt that it was far from my ideal. I wanted something that was more narrative driven, and sure we bastardized 4E to make that happen; but it wasn’t quite what I was after. Since then I’ve played a number of great rpgs – from 5th Edition to Serenity RPG and even Mutants & Masterminds. Some of these have been great, and I find the use of inspiration, plot points and other narrative influencing mechanics to be a lot of fun. This game uses a Storypath System that looks right up my alley, and ties into many different mythological pantheons set in a modern world which I’m just really into.

AND LOOK AT THE ARTWORK! Damn it this game is pretty. I wonder if I can justify getting this game and do a segment on ‘Goof’s Guide to Godhood’… hmmm…

Check out the Scion campaign here


Rising 5 – Runes of Asteros

Company: Holy Grail Games

Players: 1-5

Funded: 113%

Campaign Ends: 28 October 2016 AEST

Style: Cooperative Exploration Puzzle

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on whether smartphone apps have a place in the tabletop gaming realm. Personally I’m a fan of an app that keeps people involved in the game, and can randomly generate things to make the game a bit different each time or adds some flavour to the game. I need something a little more than just replacing a deck of cards. An example would be how Dead of Winter uses its crossroads app, to allow for all players to make a decision without knowing the results until after the decision has been made.

Rising 5 would appear to generate puzzles each time, which to me is a great way to implement an app. I like the style and feel to the game. And the app’s even been released early so you can test it out.

Check out the Rising 5 campaign here

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