Crowdfunding Corner… 9 September 2017

I love seeing what games are in the pipeline on Kickstarter. Cool new ideas, interesting blends of mechanics. The problem is, so many of the gems are hidden among a ton of rubbish.

Knowing this, I was searching Kickstarter for some interesting things to write about when *ding* my phone goes off with a message from my mate Josh:

“You didn’t happen to hear about another new game coming out which sounds right up your alley?”

I responded and put my phone down. I didn’t have time to look at cool new games right now, I was busy looking for cool new games right now…wait…

So today I had a chat with Josh from Tabletop Wonderland about three interesting looking new games coming out of the crowdfunding world. Here’s what we think.

Now Boarding


Developer: Fowers Games

Player/s: 2-4

Funded: 428%

Campaign Ends: 20 September 2017 AEST

Style: Real Time Cooperative Pick Up and Delivery


There are few games in the Tabletop community which get me as pumped up as Tim Fowers. In my eyes, the man has yet to put a foot wrong. Admittedly, I’ve only really played Fugitive and Burgle Bros. but I’m eager to get my hands on Paperback in the near future. Real Time games are the sort of thing I tend to shy away from. They remove some of the main elements I enjoy in gaming – namely large sections of communication and careful planning. But if anyone can pull it off, I’m convinced the person’s name will be Fowers.

Check out the Now Boarding campaign HERE




Developer: Daily Magic Games

Player/s: 2-5

Funded: 191%

Campaign Ends: 23 September 2017 AEST

Style: 3X Medium Weight Euro Space Exploration


Admittedly I looked at what I just put in the style and went “what do those words even mean?”. Luckily, I wrote them so I can provide a bit of an explanation. The holy grail of 4x games (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) is something which you can sink your teeth into within a reasonable timeframe. These games normally take about three hours plus, with my favorite (Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition) taking about six to eight hours to play. Horizons offers a similar experience (no exterminate in this game) and claims to only take an hour. This one fact in and of itself makes the game worth a look (not to mention the artwork looks amazing).

Check out the Horizons campaign HERE


The Island of El Dorado


Developer: Daniel Aronson

Player/s: 2-4

Funded: 353%

Campaign Ends: 25 September 2017 AEST

Style: Strategic Area Control and Resource Management


The first game Josh led me to was The Island of El Doardo. And it looks really good. The gameplay is centered around controlling four shrines, which looks like it keeps the gameplay focused while still allowing for multiple ways to approach the outcome. One of the most interesting elements of the game is the fact is uses artwork painted by 16th Century artists to help capture an authentic feel for the game.

Check out The Island of El Dorado campaign HERE


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Did I miss something? Want to tell me about a crowdfunding game you’re excited about? Please comment, lets get the conversations flowing!

Josh is from Tabletop Wonderland, a fantastic board game subscription box here in Australia. Click HERE for a 10% discount on your first box!


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