Crowdfunding Corner… 19 November 2016

I struggled this week. I found the first two games I wanted to show off within minutes of searching through Kickstarter, but as I continued to scroll and scroll I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either a dull outdated concept, lacked any sort of theme, or a fluff video fuelled by overly emotional music. I took some time to search other crowdfunding sites, but each time I would decide on something it felt hollow or like I was just slotting something in to meet the precedent set by this segment.

I’m not going to do that.

How could you trust me if I operated like that? No. Crowdfunding Corner is supposed to be a segment where I showcase things I’m excited about from the crowdfunding tabletop world. And that’s how it’s going to stay. So this week I’ve got two I’m excited by to show you.


Ninja Arena: The 3D Board Game


Developer: Oliver Schneider

Player/s: 2-4

Funded: 29%

Campaign Ends: 22 November 2016 AEST

Style: Ninjas 3D Battle Arena (it’s kinda in the name)

I really like it when games try to do something a little different. This looks fun and fresh, and I’m hoping it reaches its goal in the last few days of the campaign. Ninja’s are always interesting, but one thing I find a lot of Ninja board games lack is a real feeling of fighting over different elevations. Think about all the cool Ninja movies and anime you’ve watched in your life – they’re often on rooftops or fighting through the air or across difficult terrain. That’s coz Ninjas are cool. End of story. And this game feels like it does more to capture that.

Check out the Ninja Arena campaign here


TRBO: The Rival Bikers Overdrive!


Developer: Erick Scarecrow

Player/s: 2-4

Funded: 11%

Campaign Ends: 14 December 2016 AEST

Style: Kart Racing

Holy damn. Oh wow. This looks freaking awesome. Multiple strategies, cutthroat elimination, cool factions and all while keeping the rules simple enough to grasp in the campaign video? How has this not blown through their target yet? You HAVE to give this a look.

When I first met my wonderful girlfriend (I get more love the more wonderful I mention she is so bear with me), she and her housemates were dead keen on Mario Kart. Coming in as a lifelong gamer trying to show off to my then-crush, I brought my hubris with me…which did not go as planned; being utterly and completely destroyed by three very rowdy women who I then realised were actually terrifying human beings (and some of the funnest people I know). This game has the potential to cause the same blood curdling and insult throwing pandemonium as Mario Kart.

Check out the TRBO campaign here

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Did I miss something? Want to tell me about a crowdfunding game you’re excited about? Please comment, lets get the conversations flowing!

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