Crowdfunding Corner… 22 October 2016

“Ooh. This one looks good. I want it” I said as I perused through the various tabletop crowdfunding campaigns.

Charlotte rolled her eyes at me, “I’ve found an issue with your segment. Each fortnight you just end up going shopping”.

It’s true. Crowdfunding tabletop games is a real passion of mine. Seeing all these new and exciting games that otherwise would never have seen the light of day and helping them to become a reality is as thrilling as it is rewarding. You become invested. You’re a stakeholder in their success.

Welcome to Crowdfunding Corner. Showing you the campaigns I think you should check out.


Bears Vs Babies


Developer: Elan Lee & Matthew Inman

Players: 2-4

Funded: 13638%

Campaign Ends: 18 November 2016 AEST

Style: Competitive Card Game

I got the chance to play Exploding Kittens a few weeks back and I had a blast playing it. The quirkiness of the artwork mixed with the simplicity of an excitement building gameplay hit every mark. So when I read that the team is back together to make a new game about putting monsters together to fight an oppressive baby army I knew that this would be making my list.

The artwork is exactly what you’d expect, and the gameplay looks smooth and fun. I’ve always had a special spot for simple rules which is what this appears to be. I’m just not fully convinced on the words “kid-friendly”, what with the horrible disfigured monsters and babies; and the fact you can dismember each other.

Find the Bears Vs Babies campaign here


Deep Madness


Developer: Diemension Games

Players: 1-6

Funded: 509%

Campaign Ends: 12 November 2016 AEST

Style: Cooperative Horror Dungeon Crawl 

This game has a lot of components. I mean damn… 250 tokens, 250 cards, 137 minatures – and that’s not everything. This game earns the title of big box game. The names that have been given to the various monsters and creatures are really interesting. I mean: bathophobia. That just screams “terrifying” to me. It’s all dark and horrifying, and unlike other games that this reminds me of, it doesn’t appear to require a Games Master to play.

Check out the Deep Madness campaign here


City of Mist


Developer: Amit Moshe

Players: 2-5(?)

Funded: 180%

Campaign Ends: 25 November 2016 AEST

Style: Horror RPG

This game looks fantastic. I’m noticing that a lot of really fascinating Roleplaying games are coming out of Crowdfunding these days. I mean check out the artwork on this thing! I love the idea of having to balance your average life against something more mystical. It really works for me. And the tag system which looks to be designed to give players a ton of creative freedom..sign me up.

Also, what’s great about this choice is that you can actually try it before you pledge money to it. I’ve just checked it out over at drivethruRPG and I’m keen to give it a go.

Check out the City of Mist campaign here

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2 Comments on "Crowdfunding Corner… 22 October 2016"

  1. Something to check out: Smiths of Winterforge

    • Hey Cassie. I had a look at your suggestion. It looks interesting. I own a copy of Tavern Fame (by the same creators) but I haven’t gotten around to playing it yet.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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