Crowdfunding Corner… 24 September 2016

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“Crowdfunding Corner”

Gone are the days of those minor Facebook posts (shameless plug: here). Instead of just sharing a small amount of a single upcoming game, I’ve decided to share why I’m keen on these games, and a bit more information to help you wisely make your next purchase.

Zombies, Run! The Board Game

Company: Six to Start

Players: 2-4

Funded: 115%

Campaign Ends: 21 October 2016 AEST

Style: Real Time Cooperative

One of the reasons I love crowdfunding is that we get to try weird and wacky styles of games that otherwise would likely not have seen the light of day. Zombies, Run! fits that bill.

I’ve been a fan of the fitness app for a number of years. It’s an incentive for gamers to enjoy a really interesting storyline and get fit while doing it. I’m curious to see what this game brings to the table, given I enjoyed the voice acting of the app and they’re doing something similar here. Although I’m not normally a fan of real time games, I’m interested to see it bring brought to a cooperative game.

Check it out here


Presidential Election: The Board Game

Company: All Over the Board Games

Players: 2

Funded: 185%

Campaign Ends: 11 November AEST

Style: Political Satire Strategy

I’m not going to lie. I scrolled past this one several times in my research for some games for this segment. There’s so many interesting games out there but this kept catching my eye. So I figured I’d look at it, prove my intuition “right” and keep moving.

I have my own views on American politics, everyone does. I’ll keep them to myself (I’m not likely to do a review on the election anytime soon). But I’m just not interested in playing a board game about it. Or so I thought.

This looks hilarious. I’m super eager to give it a go. It has a really appealing caricature aesthetic and I’m sure I’ll be chuckling to myself as we play through it. I’m hoping that since it focuses on two players and lasts about an hour, that it has a nice deep level of strategy amongst the hilarity.

Check it out here


Uber Epic

Company: GiddyGames, LLC

Players: 2-4

Funded: 87%

Campaign Ends: 4 October 2016 AEST

Style: Social Battlefield Strategy

Building your own bases, drafting your team. This game is so me in every way except the look of the plastic pieces. I mean, I get why they did it – keep the price down and make the production more viable from kickstarter. They seem to click together to make semi-customisable pieces but they do look somewhat cheap. Rant aside, the gameplay looks fresh, fun and easy to learn. And I’m such a sucker for a good draft. So I’m in.

Check it out here

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