ConQuest Games Convention – Day 2

Day 2 at ConQuest Games Convention. Today we hit up a few new things. And even got a glimpse into some LARPing and new roleplaying systems I’m really looking forward to telling you about when I’ve got some more time.

My little bro Josh came along today (and got in for free because of his age which meant he made the executive decision his entry fee could go towards increasing his board game collection). I actually had him pack his Nintendo Switch in my backpack in case he got bored while I was working and doing TGR stuff. There was so much to do and see he didn’t touch it once.


Board Game Library

Joshie was really excited by all the games.

I was really eager to get in today and try out a few games from the Board Game Library at ConQuest. There is a huge and wide selection. To be honest there’s so much to see and do at ConQuest we only managed one game (Android: Infiltration if you were wondering). Can I take a moment to congratulate the volunteers and workers who keep those games together? They are really well maintained. And the volunteers seem genuine in their goal of offering you a great new game to try out.

I’m hoping to get at least one more game in tomorrow. I’ve been eyeing off a few games I really want to give a go before I buy them.

We all died. Whoops.



Just bought a copy of Code of Nine

There were more and different shops at ConQuest today. Milsims were there with some honestly insanely low prices (I wasn’t the only one commenting on this by the way). I picked up Code of Nine for $29 bucks.

I was a little obsessed with these $100 mystery boxes which were being sold. They were labelled as “Damaged and Dented” and were so heavy they really surprised me (and I almost damaged the games further by dropping them. Emphasis on the “almost”). As much as I contemplated it (and tried to convince my Dad he needed one) I ended up not purchasing a box mainly because I need my games to look a certain way for the background of my pictures and videos. However, this is a really cool way to pick up a bunch of games at a really low cost (I have almost re-convinced myself I need to get one).

We met a really nice couple from Higimura Studios who specialize in turning people into avatars. Whether you’re looking for a D&D character, cartoon version of yourself, or as they were telling me today – a dinosaur with two mouths and a bunch of drool, Jasmine seems by far and away talented enough to pull it off. I really liked her artwork, and she has quite a range in styles.

Josh spent a lot of the convention really excited about everything (it has just occurred to me how much he does that pose)


Redpoint Games

I met these guys on day 1 at the convention but went back and spoke more today. They’ve developed both tabletop and video games and from what I experienced, they do a bloody good job of taking relatively simple ideas and making them interesting and enjoyable (I’m looking forward to telling you a lot more about CatTube Famous).

To explain what I mean, their video game was a platformer, but it also had this cool quick shifting back and forth between two dimensions where the platforms were often placed differently. It’s a really simple concept, but the way they use it and manipulate the player into using a really small amount of buttons into fascinating problem solving is fun to watch and play. Not many games manage to pull this off. So I tip my hat.

Lachlan bought a copy of CatTube Famous



First up on the agenda tomorrow is trying out Starfinder. I’m really excited. Hope I can sleep tonight!

ConQuest still has two days to go! If you’re around Melbourne this weekend I would love to see you there.

I’d like to extend a really genuine thank you to all the roleplayers, LARPers and other gamers who were happy for us to observe today and get a brief glimpse into the worlds and stories you’re involved in. You’re my kind of people.

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