ConQuest Games Convention – Day 3

Day 3 was full on. While every day was full of fun and laughter, this day was the one I felt I learnt the most.

We learnt a new (somewhat complex) rpg system called Starfinder. We got to dabble in VR. And we got to sit with Lisa from Chimera Productions LARPing and talk about what LARPing is, what makes it unique, and how people can get involved.

I did touch on a lot of this with my posts to social media last night while in transit on the way back from Melbourne to Gympie. But I wanted to post about it as to share more of the photos and talk just slightly more in depth. I’ll be writing up a larger article in the near future about ConQuest, and a feature on LARPing so make sure you’re following TGR on social media so you don’t miss out!



Thank you Stephen for taking this photo for us. We look horrible, so I absolutely love it! 😛

Took all of about five minutes looking at a character sheet before I started looking into getting the Corebook for Starfinder. I hadn’t played a sci-fi/space opera rpg system I was really into. But the moment I found out I could play as a Ysori (a small rat-man type creature) with a drone, I was sold. And the gaming experience only cemented this for me.

You know, I had doubts my brother Josh could handle such a number crunchy system. But he pulled it off with minimal help. Even worked out his Stellar Mode which sounded like a bunch of mubo jumbo from a pistol wielding rat-man.  Serves me right for underestimating him.

The organizer and members of the Pathfinder/Starfinder Society (“Finder Society?) we played with were really inclusive and friendly. And I’m expecting Starfinder will be a regular addition to our RPG sessions.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

There’s not much more I can say about this one. KTANE is a hilarious hybrid game which combines some serious pressure with ultimate feelings of accomplishment. What I will say I’ve got some great footage of us playing, and will be uploading this in the near future.

The guy we had running our small session was a riot (and although you can’t really see it in the photo, I much approve of his Daft Punk/Marvel’s Loki tshirt), and was really knowledgeable about the system, the game, and generally how to keep things flowing and fun.


Battlefield Accessories

This little stand held some seriously impressive bits of work. While there were a lot of people hunting down terrain for Star Wars Legion, I was mainly obsessed with this Dragon in his cave. Something like this has huge potential to really set the tone of a D&D game.

Also, if I ever decide to get into miniature painting, I’m gonna need one of the halo light stands from their website.

Check out Battlefield Accessories HERE


Chimera Productions LARPing

Look, I’m not going to be able to do this interview justice in a couple of paragraphs.

ConQuest arranged for us to sit down with Lisa (who was so passionate and inviting about LARP, Lachy and I wanted to sign up right there) and have a discussion with her about Live Action Role Playing and her experiences within Chimera Productions (Lisa is a regular player at their events).

I HAVE to write up a feature article about this interview. Because there was so many fascinating talking points. I was engrossed.

What I will mention here is there were several sessions on over the ConQuest weekend of LARP as well as other free form RPGs. They were really impressive to observe. When you walked into the area they were playing in, it felt like walking onto the set of a play. It was surreal to hear talk of political intrigue, trade routes, and what I’m certain was talk of backstabbery while players didn’t break character. They were devoted to being who they were. Part of me could see the world they were acting in come to life.

Check out more Chimera Productions LARP HERE


The third day was our last at ConQuest 2018. But this won’t be the last I speak of it. Coming back and looking over the photos from the convention filled me with a sense of longing. Less than 24 hours and I miss the games we were playing, the people we met, and the good times we had.

Thanks for having us ConQuest. And I’m certain we’ll see you again in the future.

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  1. LARPing is always fun, but just a quick note…I’m a player in Chimera’s games but I am not one of the organisers. They are truly awesome and I enjoy enjoy playing their system!

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