ConQuest Games Convention – Day 1

I’ve arrived in Melbourne this week because ConQuest Games Convention have provided myself and my friend Lachlan (who you may know as the hairy guy who appears in photos on TGR) passes to be able to explore their event. So today we dipped our toes in the water by checking out the convention which was opened about two-thirds their normal duration.

And I am exhausted.

There’s so much I want to talk about. And when I’ve managed to have a half decent sleep after this experience is over I intend to go into depth about the most exciting bits about what I saw. For now, let me tell you about the parts of today which stood out for me.

Armoured Digital

Sitting by the entrance waiting for the opening lines at ConQuest to filter into the hall, Lachlan and I were eyeing off this cool table with these interesting looking tanks.

After sneaking a few looks in, Chris (the designer) took us through a few turns of the game and what makes Armoured Digital different from other miniature based games. He told us about the lore of Armoured Digital, about special individuals who have command over Artificial Intelligence. The level of strategy is really in depth. And I lapped it up.

Check out Armoured Digital HERE




Arkenforge is going to test my begging skills with Charlotte. But let me back up a bit and explain why.

Some of the nicest guys I’ve met showed Lachlan and I their new program for tabletop roleplaying games. It lets you create awesome maps with various lighting, layer music and ambient sounds, link in different players to different screens in order to show them things you don’t show the others. And I am seriously underselling this thing. For honestly way cheaper than I would expect to pay for this kind of program, you get all this and more. Check them out HERE to see more about why I’m excited (and I can’t wait to do a feature on this).

The issue here isn’t the cheap price of their amazing program, it’s the fact I want one of their $7000 tables.

Dungeons and Dragons: Adventurers League

I feel like I owe people at ConQuest at around 4pm today an apology. The laughter which was erupting from our table while we played a D&D session involving our Saxophone playing Bard against a group of Disco Worshiping Ruffians, and a Mage who kept trying to shocking grasp me but only ended up in epic high fives. We told really bad jokes, failed to hit way more than we should have, and generally had a damn good time.



The main take away for me today was how passionate much everyone was. They cared about what they were doing. They were there to have fun, tell stories, and just generally make the people around them smile.

I’m looking forward to trying out a few more things tomorrow, the Board Game library for one is stocked and ready for me to get stuck into.

If you’re around Melbourne this long weekend, come on down to ConQuest. Especially if you’re looking for a smile.

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