Crowdfunding Corner… Fill your cupboards!

Know what I like getting? Games. Know what else is pretty cool? Packages full of cool stuff. What if we could combine the two of them? What if you could get a nice surprise each month, and the surprise happened to be a new and exciting board game?

Services like this exist… overseas. Which is why I was super glad to find out a friend of mine, Amy Thomason, had come up with a solution.

In a recent interview, Amy told me about her struggle to find a board game subscription service in Australia, and said “the more I thought about it the more I wanted to change that, so here we are!” And so, Tabletop Wonderland was born.

The premise is simple: you pay a subscription fee and each month you get a new board game based on your answers to a survey. What type of games you get depends on the survey you complete. If you want to check out the type of games you could get, check out their website here

If you don’t want to click over, some of the examples were Pandemic, 7 Wonders Duels, Hero Realms, Ouija, Lotus, Codenames and Carcassone. So we’re talking really good games here.


When I asked what I’d get if I filled out the survey with my love for Science Fiction and favourite games being Star Realms, Android: Netrunner and Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition the response I got was exciting. Race for the Galaxy, Blue Moon Legends, Galactic Emperor, Galaxy Truckers or Shadow Hunters. The thought of getting so many cool games over the months is so exciting. I’m getting giddy.

Not only will you get board games, but they’ll throw in dice, card sleeves, deck boxes, organisers and playmats. Do you know how cool that is? (I do. I’ve subscribed. GIMME ALL THE THINGS!)

“I remember visiting the toy shop with my sister when we were younger and spending an hour or so picking out a board game to play. We would take it home and open it as soon as we set foot in the door. It wasn’t often that we were able to do that, but those are some of my most cherished memories! I’m now married to my best friend and have been blessed with 3 more little sisters to play games with and my favourite times are still playing games with the people I love the most.”

I think the biggest thing about this service is the value. You get exciting new games and new merchandise delivered to your door each month. I was curious about how they managed to accomplish this. I mean the value of what you receive for $48 a month is incredible, so I asked my friend for more details. Turns out they’ve set up accounts with several wholesale distributors, and the more people who sign up the better deals they can get and better games they can get you.

This awesome subscription box can’t exist without your help! So jump on over to their Indigogo Campaign here.


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