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You know what? I love having a tabletop gaming website. I get to do really cool things like meet awesome gamers, introduce people to awesome new worlds and I get asked about what games people should get. I feel like a tour guide to some of the best fun a person can have. I feel like I get to be a part of growing our community. And I adore it.

One of the other cool things about having a gaming website? People send you games.


The legends over at Despicable Games have sent me a prototype of ‘No Blank Left Behind’ to exhibit as a part of our Crowdfunding Corner. Fair warning. It’s not safe for work…or children… or nice people.

Before we get started here though, can I address an issue in our community which drives me a little bit nuts? There are those out there who look down on party games. And I want to give you some advice: get over it. Party games are fun. Sure, they’re not the most mechanically driven games ever. But that’s kind of the beauty of them. At its core, games are about having fun. And a good party game exemplifies this. Think about the most well-known party games which have seen huge success over the past couple of years. Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens.. they’re simple and they’re fun. These games aren’t hugely successful because they’re inherently bad. That would make absolutely no sense. People just laugh and have a good time. So turn your nose back down from the sky and appreciate party games for what they are: a good light hearted time to laugh.


I grew up watching Whose Line is it Anyway? You know the show, the one where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. I used to marvel at the quick thinking of the improvised comedy, and often thought about joining a theatrical sports group or having some friends around to compete in a few similar games.

The reason I bring this up is because No Blank Left Behind reminded me instantly of a game show. Like Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade from Big Fat Quiz, it’s about writing stupid answers with the hopes of getting people to laugh.

The rules are really straightforward, someone reads a question and everyone else writes down the answers. If you can’t think of an answer it’s okay to pass. Be aware this can take some warming up, and it might be one of those exceptions where alcohol and gaming is a positive combination. We’ve played a couple of games with someone who didn’t write much down most of the game because they struggle with improv. So it’s important people know what to expect going in so they’re primed to answer.


There are dozens of questions to ask from, if anything it’s probably my biggest gripe. Each card (at least in the prototype) had four questions on it, two on each side for those of you noticed them suspiciously missing from the above photos. The level of choice sometimes hindered the flow of the game for new players. But as time goes on, I imagine the additional choice will be beneficial. I would have preferred to see more cards over more options on each card, but it may have also increased the costing. When you’re crowdfunding a game, it’s all a balancing act. So they seem to have found a way to keep the volume of questions instead of just having less content.

We think we're funny

We think we’re funny

I enjoyed No Blank Left Behind. With the right group and mentality, it can be hilarious. So give their Kickstarter Campaign a look here and lets make another game a reality!

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