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I remember visiting petting zoos as a kid with my Dad. He would horrify my family by pointing out the legs of lamb, the rumps of beef and making comments like “check out the ribs on that!”

Pretty sure we usually had lunch shortly afterwards. But if the thought of animals being turned into food makes you mad, then XXM have an idea: let’s help these animals die whole and beautiful. As the old nursery rhyme goes “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to heaven.”.. or something like that.

“Though we aren’t strictly vegans, Dawn does not eat pork due to taste. I’m just hoping the pigs get their honor back, regardless if they become food or not.”

You heard me correctly. There is a card game coming out about assisted Pig suicide.

While talking to Ian and Dawn of XXM, the creators of Sad Piggies, they told me they took inspiration from Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity and a really bad day at work. So it paints a pretty clear picture of what vibe this game is going for.

One of the things I harp on and on about in my reviews is simplicity in rules. The reason for this is it attracts more people- it can be a tad hard to find people willing to slog through twenty-plus pages of rules before they get to the fun part. Which is why I was glad to hear gameplay can be learnt in 5 minutes.

You absolutely need to see the video for the Sad Piggies campaign. The rustic plaid style in the ad is a tad on the adorable side, which adds such a dark contrast. The background in art design really shines through for me. I’d personally consider getting the game on the artwork alone.

Talking to Ian and Dawn, they mentioned their favourite part had to be when players start to “hinder each other’s strategies with their use of action cards”. So make sure you play with people who don’t get too mad. Or do, it could be “mad” funny! Ah ha ah ha ha ha… I’m a tad hilarious.

If you think the Pigs are getting too much of a focus, and are wondering what else is going on in the farm, well Ian and Dawn are working on bringing you those stories. But the first step to learning more is completing this campaign!

“We love to share our work with the world and getting people to buy our product would be a success. To talk about ultimate success we hope that Sad Piggies can be a springboard for us to launch more games and other stories to the world.”

So. If you had(n‘t) noticed, there are a bunch of words above which rhyme with “sad”. Tell us how many there were in the comments below and you’ll win an awesome prize! (The prize if you get to be sad because there’s actually no prize. But if you back the campaign you’ll be rewarded with a game!).

“Currently we have animation and comics done up for exclusive members. They can access them before the Kickstarter is over. We’re going to give you a sneak peek with this panel so stay tuned!”

Check out the Sad Piggies Campaign HERE



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