Gobby Giveaway!

Last Saturday TGR along with Big Family, little income and The Gympie Jungle hosted ‘Boarding School’, where we introduced people to board games they may not have tried before. It was a fantastic success, and we’re busy planning our next one.


Glamorous. We could be models.

But my favorite part of the night (and that’s saying a lot because I loved the whole evening) was that the awesome people over at Four Quarter Productions gave me a bunch of Gobby mouthpieces for people to try. And gave me even more to give away! Which is where you come in.

All you have to do to win a bunch Gobby mouthpieces is to correctly guess what the people below are saying and post it in the comments. The 5 people with the closest guesses will each receive 5x Gobby mouthpieces!

Comment what you think they’re saying in the comment section of this post before 10:00pm AEST on 4 December 2016. The first 5 with the closest answers win!

And don’t forget to share, if your friends win they’ll give you a mouth piece…right?




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  1. Lachlan
  2. Lahra
  3. Ann-Marie

Now that the competition is over, here are the answers:

  1. My buff boyfriend saw a pouting penguin.
  2. I peered through the peep hole and saw albino Bob’s aluminium eyeball.
  3. A gambling gobby geezer with a chrome dome.
  4. I was dominated by a plum and pineapple pie.
  5. I was dominated by a plum and pineapple pie.

3 Comments on "Gobby Giveaway!"

  1. My aunt angus saw my hunting penguins
    I see a sea she’d been in and seen a sign of love Ida *mumbles something else*
    A sailing gay Giza in a trained duck
    I was donated by a clutch in a pineapple pie
    Pillows pillows pillows stuck in a pot of peas.

  2. 1. I asked my friends so counting penguins.
    2. I am Theaty the beetle and short how I know odd or I know isles.
    3. I genuinely going geeza in a crandae.
    4. I was donated by a crumb and a pineapple pie.
    5. Hello guys it’s kelly stuck in a pot of hotted peas.

  3. 1. My Aunt Dianne saw the Captain’s Clanger
    2. I see she sees the steeple and sure as I know a long iron
    3. A ding-a-ling gallery in Giza had a training day
    4. I donated my clothes in a pineapple pie
    5. I filled it with pillows stuffed with a cot of codded peas.

    And a whole level of What Was That I Just Watched!! 🙂

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