Gobby… Just a Mouthful

You know what’s fun about running a website about games? When awesome people contact you and let you try things before they come out. Four Quarter Productions are the awesome people of the day and have sent me some mouth pieces for their upcoming game ‘Gobby’.

The only downside I can see to this wonderful perk is that I don’t get to see the finished products. Realistically, things are likely to change or not be included when I receive them. In this case, I didn’t get a chance to view the Box, Cards or combinations that will be included when it can be bought in stores. To that end, I can’t do one of my normal reviews with all the numbers and pros and cons. It’s hard to discuss production value when I don’t have the product in my hands (the mouthpieces were more comfortable then I would have assumed).

What I will say is that we had fun goofing around with the mouth pieces and filmed a bit:

Dad in particular loved his new look. When the camera came out he unleashed his inner model:

Goof Review Mouth-5 copy

People often say we look alike… damn

Goof Review Mouth-2 copy

Eat your heart out Derek Zoolander

Goof Review Mouth-3 copy

This is his “relaxed” look

Goof Review Mouth-4 copy

He’s an animal! Rawr!


And then there was the sing along:


All in all. This is a lot of fun. And I hope you’ll back the Kickstarter.

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