Goof’s Guide… DJ Goof in the House!

Heeeeellooooo Internet! We’ve got DJ Goof in the house. Are we ready to make some NOOOOOISE!?!

For all you fine gamers out there I’m gonna be talking about how to improve your gaming experience using music. Originally I was epically opposed to music during game sessions. I felt it was too distracting, it hindered conversation and trying to get everyone to agree on a damn song? Nightmare.

But I stand corrected (for the most part) when it comes to using music to enhance the mood. There is nothing more exhilarating then slaying a Giant to that perfect bit of bass, or as truly horrifying as exploring the next room in a haunted mansion to an old scratchy record.

I think volume and selection is key. Don’t blast a song full of catchy lyrics people can’t help but sing to. It’s distracting and if someone doesn’t like the song then it’s honestly annoying. It’s best to avoid lyrics all together. To that end I’ve added a music selection from Youtube to help give your game nights that extra jive.


Arkham Horror:


Dungeons and Dragons (during combat):


Last Night on Earth:


Firefly The Game:


Twilight Imperium:


Heroes of Metro City:


You can mix and match these with other games of course (except the heroes of Metro City one. That’s too well suited to be used for any other game). I think the best bit of advice I can give you here is to know your group. Implement a song or two into your roleplaying campaign (maybe a bardic group play in the background during a bar brawl) and see how it goes – if they were into it then great, if not then not harm done. Or maybe your group likes a taste now and then under the right circumstances.

These are the music pieces I use, and I generally get positive feedback. Best of luck out there fellow DJ Gamers.

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