Goof’s Guide… Never Give Up! Never Surrender!

Had to look up the quote from the title. For some reason the quote stuck with me but not the film. Galaxy Quest is a good movie though…


I’ve been thinking a bit about gaming recently (so unusual for me). In particular, whether it’s better to be eliminated from a game such as King of Tokyo, or practically removed from a game such as Firefly: The Game yet have to continue playing. Short answer is clean elimination right? Speeds up the remaining turns, hopefully doesn’t last too much longer and you can start afresh. I hate when I have zero chance but am forced to keep going through the motions.

So… this has been a short Goof’s Guide. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and share on social….

WAIT. Let’s do a thought experiment.

When is it better to have to keep playing despite things going against you?
I mean, we do it all the time in tournament play. If I’m the Corp in Android: Netrunner and the runner takes a couple early point agendas I don’t throw in the towel. Winning matters too much. So I try and kill the prick.

(Yes, I am aware some people sweep the board in high level play so they can save time and get into the next match. But we’re less likely to think of it as an option.)

We push on in Cooperative games. If we’re playing Zombicide: Black Plague, or Pandemic, we cling onto any hope we have left to pull through.

So here are my 3 reasons why would should push through and try to win against all odds:

  1. Occasionally You Pull It Off

And when you do, the feeling is incredible.

Most of us have experienced it at least once in our gaming careers. You’re beat down to a bloody pulp, you have nowhere left to run. But you come up with something out of the box, or maybe if the die rolls exactly what you need it to and SLAM! You emerge the champion. Most likely emotionally drained but with adrenaline pumping.

Even when it happens with someone I’m playing against, I can’t help but be happy for them.


  1. You Get Better At Gaming

I have a theory about tabletop games – you get better at them by losing, not by winning. While winning is always the goal, if you win you tend to use the same strategy over and over. Or variations of it. But when you lose, you’re trying to analyse why. You’re looking for solutions to challenging problems. When you can see you’re starting to fall behind you’re asking yourself “how do I close the gap? What can I do to turn this around?”

We develop more as human beings when we are met with unique challenges and a desire to overcome them. Which is one of my favourite things about gaming.


  1. Respect for Your Opponent

You should always respect the people you’re playing with. A part of this respect is we want them to have fun. Sure, it’s not fun losing all the time. It’s certainly not fun being thrashed (I actually hate winning by a large margin too. Because I like it when we’re all having fun at the table).

But you cannot expect to win all the time. And when you’re playing with someone who is winning, it’s not fair to take the enjoyment away from them. Maybe they’ve been working on a strategy all game and they want to see if it pays off. If you quit before then, it can really ruin the experience.



I think it’s easier to follow these guidelines in a shorter game. Anything longer than 45minutes and it feels like a real slog to get beat up over and over. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push through.

If you’re really not enjoying yourself, sure. Have the conversation with the other players. But don’t ruin the experience for them. Judge it based on how much longer you’ve got to go, maybe come up with your own personal victory conditions (“I just want to get over 100 points.” “I want to have the most cheeses”). Get creative.

And when you pull out an incredible victory, tell me about it. I want to hear.

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