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One of the joys in life I gain a lot of satisfaction from (don’t go there you dirty minded person you) is the sharing of videos which make me laugh. I’m one of those really annoying people who’ll often say the phrase “Have you seen blah blah? OMG you HAVE TO!”.

Part of my personality is gaining enjoyment out of sharing experiences with people. So if something makes me happy, I want to share it forward and make the world ever so happier. Which is one of the reasons The Goof Review exists today.

So today I want to share a few things with you. Tabletop Gaming related videos which I watch in those times when the gaming group can’t get together and I need my fix.

In no particular order, I present to you some of the shows which influenced who I am today as a gamer.

Unforgotten Realms

When I first started getting into Tabletop Roleplaying games, two guys who I was living with at the time got me into Unforgotten Realms. To this day, this is one of the shows I quote the most while at the D&D table.


I owe a lot to Wil Wheaton‘s Tabletop. While I was a gamer well before this show existed, my Dad’s experiences with Board Games had been the likes of Axis and Allies with me as a kid. I remember him often going into the Board Games section of Mr Toys Toyworld while I was growing up and being disappointed by what he’d found. The makings of a gamer were there, but mass market gaming was either too complicated or too boring.

So when I found the hobby during its modern era, and wanted to get my Dad into the hobby, Tabletop gave me an in. Since then, my Stepmum, who only kept an interest in casual gaming from her younger days recording videogame footage and commentating over it on casset tapes (Hipster Letsplayer) has gotten into the show and even started playing at the gaming table with us. Wil Wheaton sir, thank you.

Here’s one of my favourite episodes:

Acquisitions Incorporated

While admittedly this episode isn’t the first. It’s the one I often think about most. This session showed me how much fun there is to be had in joint world building and every interesting moment doesn’t have to involve combat.

It’s a longer video, but there are so many laughs.

Watch It Played

I was adamant when I first created The Goof Review I wouldn’t be writing about the rules of games. To me, there are so many easy ways to access rulebooks and learn about them I didn’t feel like rewriting out sections of the rulebook. The occasional snapshot so people could understand what I was talking about sure, but the designers had written a detailed rulebook for a reason.


Writing them is an artform, and a skill many people simply don’t possess. Don’t get me wrong, pretty sure I don’t possess it either. But it’s damn frustrating. Thankfully, Watch It Played is an absolutely fantastic YouTube show which clearly explains the rules of the game. And then even has a few episodes about playing the game. Often it’s how I’ll check a game out before I purchase it. And because he doesn’t give his opinions of the game, I don’t feel it effects my objectivity.

As an added bonus Rodney Smith is one of the most likable people to watch (it played…).

The Gamers

You’ve probably noticed by now I particularly love my Tabletop RPGs. Once I’d gotten into the hobby, a friend demanded I watch The Gamers. And while I highly recommend the first movie, Dorkness Rising is by far the better pick (you can watch it without having seen anything else.)

Some of the moments in The Gamers you can so clearly picture at a real table. I start chuckling even thinking about it while writing this (I probably look a bit like a crazy person).


So hopefully there’s a few hours of entertainment for you. They’ve kept me entertained for years.

I want to personally say thank you to all the creators out there who are making our community bigger and better than it has ever been before. And I’m super proud to be even a speck in that effort.

What’s your favorite tabletop gaming themed show? I’d love to learn about more.

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  1. Heavy Cardboard! They live stream, but because you know, oz time zones, I don’t ever get to watch the live, but go back and watch the vids. Because they narrate out the turns you can see the different strategies building! Also game night from bggtv is really great for clear rules instructions….

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