Crowdfunding Corner… Hunters Mark

When Game Natural contacted me about their upcoming game, Hunters Mark, it hit every damn spot in my geek brain. Naturally (get it?) I said yes to an interview with game designer Gary Simpson. Actually I said a few more words as I jumped around screaming at the top of my lungs – but it all equated to yes.

Fluxx… Meh No Like

Take a deep breath Geoffrey. It’s okay. *hyperventilating* No really it is. I mean sure, you’re only about to disagree with 6000+ people online.

Pokémon Go… Listen here Nintendo

Alright, listen here Nintendo. And Niantic, I want you sitting at this table too. I love Pokémon Go. It’s got spirit. It’s got spunk. But what it hasn’t got is a whole lotta stuff I want it to have.