Tsuro… A Dragon, A Phoenix and Some Green Tea

You might think it’s odd that I’m writing about green tea when the cover of this box has an awesome Chinese Dragon on the front cover. The board even has this badass noble phoenix on it. But I think the part of the title that encapsulates what this game is about the most is the subtitle – The game of the path. Let me explain.

Goof’s Guide… Get Stuffed!

Unless you're like me, you're probably looking at buying Christmas presents for people soon. If you are like me, you'll probably rush out the day before and do a lot of panic purchasing.

Gobby Giveaway!

The awesome people over at Four Quarter Productions gave me a bunch of Gobby mouthpieces for people to try. And gave me even more to give away! Which is where you come in.

Exploding Kittens… MeWow!

What I love about games like Exploding Kittens is they introduce more and more people to our world. Creating a global community of tabletop gamers.

Crowdfunding Corner… 19 November 2016

Crowdfunding Corner is supposed to be a segment where I showcase things I’m excited about from the crowdfunding tabletop world. And that’s how it’s going to stay. So this week I’ve got two I’m excited by to show you.

Crowdfunding Corner… 5 November 2016

Can I make a plea here for a moment? If you’re looking to put together a crowdfunding campaign for your latest kickass amazing mindblowing tabletop game, please explain a bit about what your game is in the video.