Sushi Go! App in a Snap…

App Review

Player/s: 1-5 

Play Time (Goof): 5mins

Developers: Lummox Labs & Gamewright

I like playing the occasional digital board game on my phone. Usually when I’m not able to get a group to the table. Sure, they aren’t my favourite way to experience a game – I never play a digital game I haven’t played a physical copy of first. But digital games absolutely have their place. I mean think about the other apps you can play on your phone. A lot of them suck. Like really suck. There are a couple good ones sure, but I’d argue digital board games are among the best (no bias here… being a tabletop gaming website and all).

Recently I’ve been really enjoying Sushi Go! on my iPhone. Games take about five minutes. But what is it about the Sushi Go! app I find so tasty? Well here’s an entrée (glance… yeah. I know. Can’t help myself).

The Good

A reoccurring complaint for me (I haven’t done enough of these yet to be a trend so this is more of a “I will complain about this in the future” moment) when it comes to board games a á la app is the user interface. Ticket to Ride and Xenoshyft are a little small, Lords of Waterdeep is quite finicky – but Sushi Go! doesn’t suffer from this at all. It’s really easy to use. Honestly it doesn’t even need a tutorial if you have any semblance of how drafting works. Sure, part of this is due to the simplicity of the game mechanics themselves. But I think Lummox Labs and Gamewright deserve a round of applause for what they’ve accomplished. Seriously. Do it. Give them a clap. I’m not joking. Clap at your computer. I’m certain they’ll hear it.

I said during my Tabletop Games review of Sushi Go! how I felt they managed to capture the feeling of the sushi train going around and grabbing the meals you think will give you the most satisfaction. Here in the digital version they took this even further by making the game literally a sushi train (the octopus serving its friends up as food is a little morbid. But I assume this is just me reading into things too much).

As a quick sidenote, I love the fact Soy Sauce was added to the base game in the app.


The Bad

I’m not completely sold on the aesthetic. It feels really different to the physical version. And while I’m not a stickler for things remaining the same, it kinda gives me a vibe of being outdated. They could have taken the app to the next level by putting on a fresh coat of paint.

While I’m sold on the app being easy to learn, I do find there’s less interaction between the players then in the physical copy. And look, there’s never really any direct interaction in Sushi Go! but the whole “I can’t let the next player get the last sashimi they need” seems to get lost in the speed which the app can be played. I don’t know… it just felt right mentioning it in this section.

Look, I know people save scum or abuse the undo function. I personally feel it’s a shame when people do this because they’re ruining the challenge for themselves. But the reality is I press the wrong damn button on digital board games. Maybe my fingers are too fat, maybe I’m a technowiz who’s hands move so fast you can’t see them (it’s the first one) or maybe I’m an idiot and I mean to do something but press the wrong button anyway (also this one). I NEED an undo button on digital board games. And it drives me crazy the Sushi Go! app doesn’t have one.



If you’ve ever seen our show TGR Junior you’ll know the kids were fans of Sushi Go! On a related yet disjointed note, I find digital board gaming can sometimes be a bit much for younger kids. Because it’s designed to be played, not really taught or a slow build like a lot of videogames. However Sushi Go! is an app kids could pick up anytime. And for the older gamers out there, it makes a great dunnytime game.

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