We’re Two Years Old!… And Have Learned to Count!

We’re two years old today!

During the second year of the site I started to do something a bit different. As of 4 July 2017, I downloaded an App for my iPhone called ‘BG Stats’ and have been tracking my gameplay. I wanted to do a bit of a breakdown of what these figures mean to me, and how they’ve helped me learn more about myself as a gamer.



I Play a Lot of Games

I’ve had 256 plays of 63 different games. Which accounts for about 192 hours of my last six months. Compared to some people, I’m sure it’s a small amount.

Over this time I’ve been really sick, had some family issues, and writing The Goof Review. Oh and about the last one…


Writing Reviews Eats into my Gaming Time

I love writing The Goof Review. Seriously, I get such a kick out of interacting with people and putting across my ideas in ways I hope at least gets a few giggles. But in order to produce content multiple times a week, I often have to say no to gaming sessions with my friends. Half my weekend is completely written off just to make sure I have time to produce the content I need.

Putting words down on paper takes a long time, and trying to form those words into anything coherent, let alone snigger-worthy, takes time and effort.

Interestingly, I’ve found I have less time to play games I’ve already reviewed. If I’m going to play something it generally means I need the time to be constructive. The amount of gaming time I have is restricted by things like work, the site, and my gaming friends’ personal lives. I do want to fix this. There are games I’m dying to get back to playing: Robinson Crusoe, Zombicide Black Plague, Burgle Bros, Dead of Winter… honestly I’m thrilled when an expansion comes out for a game because it gives me an excuse to glance at the expansion (I plan to do larger expansion reviews in the future. It’s just about finding the time).


My Win Percentage Matters to Me, and It Shouldn’t

I’m currently sitting at a 61% win ratio. But can you use this figure to tell how good a gamer I am? Not really, no. It gives you the general idea I win more often than I lose, but there’s so much not taken into account looking at this figure alone.


I started to really think about this when looking through other people’s win ratios. People who only really play casual games or easier cooperative games, had win ratios up to 100%. I prefer a co-op game to beat me to within an inch of my life (what happens at the table, stays at the table) but this often means that if I’m playing a game where we’ve won, we’ve really struggled for the victory. I find the thrill of the victory only matters to me if we’ve had to get clever or ever-so-lucky to do it. Otherwise… I don’t really see the point.

And yet this number matters to me. I get actively envious of friends who have higher win percentages. There’s something satisfying about looking at the figure and knowing I win over half of the games I play. But I’m ever cautious. The risk of coveting a higher percentage could land me in the same place as when I discovered Red Devil Absinthe was 70% alcohol… which was a place I wouldn’t consider fun.


I Play More Board Game Apps Than Videogame Apps

I’m a gamer in every sense of the word. I play board games, card games, role playing games, video games… basically if it’s fun and generally indoors I’m eager to give it a go (it can be physical, lazer tag is indoors).


I find myself more and more these days playing board game apps over traditional gaming apps. While it’s true the quality of board game apps seems to be generally higher than those “wait six hours before you can use your crystals to play again” apps, I just find myself generally drawn to them more these days. They take less time than the Final Fantasy games I have on there, or even Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. And if I’m going to have a longer video game session I’d rather play on my Playstation 4 and over sized television. The phone is for when I’ve got half an hour to kill or as I’m drifting off to sleep. So more relaxing games like Tokaido fill in this time nicely.


When my mates are at their place and can’t make it over, we can still play games on our phones. Or when I can’t get a couple people together for a game, I can still play against the computer. Honestly the wonders of modern technology are at their finest when they allow me to scratch the gaming itch (rather than you know… saving lives. Which hey this is saving my life! From boredom).

I can’t even use the excuse I’m playing games on my phone to write articles for TGR. I’ve played Sentinels of the Multiverse on my phone 45 times since July 2017. And it was the 6th game I reviewed for this site!



I really want to take a moment here to get a bit mushy and thank you so much for reading The Goof Review. Every comment, every message, every share on Facebook or Like on Instagram.. it means a huge amount to me. I actually get excited and do a little jig when I get notifications (just ask Charlotte, because I continue to show her every time).

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