What is Boarding School?

If you’ve read TGR for a while, you’ve probably seen me write about Boarding School. But what is Boarding School? How does it work? Is it worth going to (spoilers, yes). I decided to write this easy to follow HOW TO GUIDE for getting started at Boarding School.

  1. Turn Up

This step is pretty easy. And the best place to start. It’s sort of a hard step to skip. You’re welcome to try… and please let me know how you go with it. But for those of you wishing to do Boarding School properly, come down to The Gympie Jungle at 23 Tozer Street in Gympie on May 27.


  1. Find a game you like

There are a bunch of awesome games at Boarding School for you to play. From Five Tribes, to Pandemic, to Ghost Stories, Thunder and Lightning, Takenoko, Tokaido, Tsuro, King of Tokyo (anyone ever noticed how many games have a T’s in them?), Sushi Go, Castle Panic, Coup, Star Realms….so many games. I’d keep listing them but seriously, you should come down and see them for yourself.


  1. Look for the TGR shirts

Don’t know how to play something? Want a rules clarification? Look for the good looking people in the TGR shirts (or just anyone in a TGR shirt) and they’ll sit down with you and help out. They’re friendly. Promise.


  1. Have fun

There’s food to be had, drinks to keep you hydrated (there’s a wicked café). And so damn many games to play. Bring your friends for a good time, or sit down with a group of people who are there to play as well. The laughter is fantastic, and the people who keep coming back and telling me how much they love it makes it worthwhile.

If you’re a parent, bring the kids along. If they’re keen for a game than all the merrier. If they’re too young or want to play in the Jungle and run around a maze well then consider them occupied while you get your game on.

I’m really looking forward to this on the weekend. I hope you are too. So invite your friends and family, share the event, and share this article! Let’s make this a fantastic evening for all.


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