A Glance at Specter Ops

Base Game Review

Player/s: 2-5

Play Time (Box): 60-120mins

Play Time (Goof): 90-120mins

Producer/s: Plaid Hat Games,& NAZCA Games

Designer/s:Emerson Matsuuchi


“Command. I’ve breached the Raxxon Global perimeter and I’m moving towards the objectives”

“Understood Cobra. Careful of the Raxxon Hunters. They’re genetically engineered to handle extreme threats”


“Cobra? Cobra?! Cooooobraaaaaa!”

I did my first unboxing video with Tabletop Wonderland which turned out to be Specter Ops. And the joy which spread over my face during the video is pure. I was so eager to play.

While I’m keen to give you my in depth review, it’s not going to be in the next few weeks and I couldn’t wait to write about it for fear I’d bust a hernia. So today we’re taking a glance at it.

Specter Ops is a team vs one game with hidden movement mechanics. The team play a group of enhanced beings called the Hunters. The one plays an Arc Agent, using technology to outmanoeuvre the Hunters and complete their objectives before getting out.

The Hunters have one objective, terminate the Agent with extreme prejudice.


The Good
Specter Ops is an adrenaline rush. As the Agent the hunters feel right on you heels the entire game. You listen intently as you try to outplay them, gathering intelligence and doubling back on yourself to throw them off. You’re playing as much of a psychological game as a practical one. Making breaks when you create the opportunities, and using the limited gear you brought with you to maximise your efficiency.

Each character feels incredibly unique. Playing Blue Jay feels nothing like playing Orangutan. With one you’re using holograms and hacking from a distance. With the other you want to draw in multiple enemies close and unleash devastating stun attacks. (It’s probably no surprise to those of you who know the game – I prefer to play the Agent).


The Bad
While I tend to enjoy the hunting aspect, trying to determine where the agent is – I can easily see how some people would find it dull. You don’t have a lot of visual information to indicate if you’re making progress. Which can be unsatisfying.


Hidden movement mechanics are difficult to get right. You need to balance them, making sure both sides have a shot at victory. You need to keep gameplay smooth and flowing. At a quick glance, Specter Ops nails it.

Now, I’m sorry but I can’t talk anymore in case the Hunters hear me…

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