Crowdfunding Corner

Crowdfunding Corner… 19 November 2016

Crowdfunding Corner is supposed to be a segment where I showcase things I’m excited about from the crowdfunding tabletop world. And that’s how it’s going to stay. So this week I’ve got two I’m excited by to show you.

Crowdfunding Corner… 5 November 2016

Can I make a plea here for a moment? If you’re looking to put together a crowdfunding campaign for your latest kickass amazing mindblowing tabletop game, please explain a bit about what your game is in the video.

Crowdfunding Corner… 22 October 2016

"Ooh. This one looks good. I want it" I said as I perused through the various tabletop crowdfunding campaigns. Charlotte rolled her eyes at me, "I've found an issue with your segment. Each fortnight you just end up going shopping".

Crowdfunding Corner… 8 October 2016

We're going through a tabletop renascence at the moment. Games are being released that are exciting and fresh. They're not sticking with established patterns of "what sells" and instead are asking "what's fun". Games are being made that as I child I would have had to spend days picking between to buy (instead of only the hours I spend now). And in part, we have crowdfunding to thank for that.