Tabletop Games

Lords of Waterdeep…You’re the quest giver now

No, I’m not part of a cult. At least not in my latest campaign. I’m a Dungeons and Dragons’ roleplayer. And my preferred role is to play as a Dungeon Master. I write stories and craft challenges to put my group to the test. Sometimes we’re picking fights at a local tavern, dealing with tricky gnomes or escaping from the nine hells of Baator. Occasionally we face down a dragon or a deity so powerful it rocks the very foundations of the planet. And in my latest campaign, we’re trying to topple a tyrannical government of wizards in a futuristic fantasy dystopian city.

Pandemic…It’s infectious

Hi there readers. I’m about to tell you a story of great woe. Something drastic has happened in my life recently. I know we’re normally all about fun and laughter here at The Goof Review but I feel I must take a moment and inform you all of some bad news.

Heroes of Metro City… What an Atro-City

See what I did there with the title? I'm proud of that. Evidently the bench mark for what I will consider acceptable in entertainment is not impossibly high. So when I tell you that 'Heroes of Metro City' is so boring that I'd find it more enjoyable to see if I can beat my personal best thumb twiddling speed record than to play that game, that should give you some indication of my feelings towards it.