Goof’s Guide… Board Games Can Change Your Life

I’m a coke addict…WAIT! That sounded bad. I’m a Coca Cola addict. There was a time not so long ago where I would drink three to four litres of the stuff a day. It’s a large contributor to how I went from a skinny dancer in my teens to being mistaken for cosplaying Xmen’s Blob.



I can hear you, “isn’t this site about board games?” Gimme a sec. I’m getting there.



I’ve tried a number of different methods to stop drinking the sweet sugary succubus which is soft drink. I’ve tried fad diets, I had a personal trainer, I’ve ordered those premade subscription box foods which taste a bit like flavoured cardboard. My Dad and I once had a challenge about reducing his alcohol intake while I reduce my soft drink intake in order to get healthier. But we were still allowed it on weekends. Come on, we’re not savages… No seriously. It was a weak excuse so I could indulge a couple of days a week. It wasn’t so effective at reducing how much soft drink I drank as it was cramming it into a much tighter timeframe.

About a month ago I found the solution. In the time since then, I had one large coke when I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and I regretted it. I’ve kicked the habit- well, I replaced it for a better one.

Board Games.

Seriously. Each day I don’t drink soft drink, I put $1 aside to spend on board games. Given I was spending $6-$10 a day on soft drink anyway, I’m saving money while also putting some towards a hobby which involves creative thinking, socialising, deduction and logical reasoning. Not to mention badass space monsters and awe inspiring fantasy races.

Once I realised how powerful a tool this was, I started to apply it to other areas of my life. For every day I do at least a half-hour’s worth of exercise, I put $1 towards board games. Every day I walk the dog, $1 goes into the fund. I’ve never been one to neglect my fluffy canine family member, but she’s never had so much walkies before!

Come on you silly human!

Come on you silly human!

That’s $3 a day I can put towards my hobby. So in a month I’m putting about $90 towards a cool new game I want, or picking up several packs of an LCG, or expansions I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten over new games. I’m not saying it’s the only way I buy board games (a good amount of grovelling can go a long way with my lovely partner), but my game shelves have never been so full, and I haven’t been this healthy in years.

So give it a try. Doesn’t have to be softdrink – next up, think I’ll tackle my chips and chocolate habit. But if you want a new board game, if you can’t seem to fit the hobby into your budget, or you have an addiction you’re trying to kick; why not start a board game fund.

Honestly, it’s changed my life.

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