Goof’s Guide… Get Stuffed!

Unless you’re like me, you’re probably looking at buying Christmas presents for people soon. If you are like me, you’ll probably rush out the day before and do a lot of panic purchasing. Either way, I figured a guide on games which can stuff the Christmas stockings would be helpful. Or at least an aid on which games to purchase as you’re sprinting down the aisles on the 24th.

And to help you with your Christmas shopping, the good people down at Good Games Fraser Coast have agreed to give TGR readers a 5% discount! All you have to do is go in-store tell them the Goof sent ya. (Offer valid until Christmas day, which will help me greatly.)


Exploding Kittens


This game is fantastic. Easily accessible, simple to learn, and really intense. I highly recommend it for families as the little ones can get in on it too. If you’re buying for someone into fun fast luck mitigation with quick elimination or who likes to play the table, Exploding Kittens is the way to go.

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Star Realms

Now go enter the damn competition

To this day I’m yet to find such a small box with so much game in it. It’s addictive, thematic and demands to be played over and over. For the sci-fi fan or the hardcore deckbuilder enthusiast, you just can’t go past Star Realms.

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Building a base. I'm like a sci-fi construction worker.


Sushi Go!

Sushi Go-1

Even typing about this game is making me hungry again. Sushi Go! is an adorable little drafting card game that is easy to learn and great fun to play. Excellent for those who like to card count and outplay the table. We often use this game as a palate cleanser between more hardcore games, but we’ve certainly used it as a main course too.

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"Sah Hungry!"




When I reviewed Timeline: Inventions, I mentioned that the best one to start with is the topic that interests you the most. And I absolutely stand by that. These games are for the trivia buffs. And you might even learn a thing or two as you play.

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Zombie Dice 

image1 (3)

At our recent Boarding School event this was a huge hit! People went online and bought this game on the spot. It’s really easy to learn, fast to play and encourages you to push your luck as you try to out Zombie your fellow players. It’s a game for the dice chuckers, and those who like to risk it all in a game of chance (unofficial rules lets the winner eat the brains of his opponents).

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