King of Tokyo… Rule the Rubber Suits!

It feels like you're sitting around with a couple friends smashing toys together screaming "rawr" at the top of your voice. And since I became an adult I find my friends less willing to smash toys together and scream "rawr", so it's a nice feeling.

Ticket to Ride: Europe… All aboard the colour express.

I was apprehensive when my eight year old sister decided she wanted to play 'Ticket to Ride: Europe'. Not because she's not smart; as I said, we come from intelligent genes. But she's young and easily distracted. And it's got a couple of complicated elements the original doesn't. I sensed a bogged down session with many frustrations ahead. My dad suggested maybe they work together on a team for this game, and she could play the next. But she was adamant that she wanted to do it for herself.

Lords of Waterdeep…You’re the quest giver now

No, I’m not part of a cult. At least not in my latest campaign. I’m a Dungeons and Dragons’ roleplayer. And my preferred role is to play as a Dungeon Master. I write stories and craft challenges to put my group to the test. Sometimes we’re picking fights at a local tavern, dealing with tricky gnomes or escaping from the nine hells of Baator. Occasionally we face down a dragon or a deity so powerful it rocks the very foundations of the planet. And in my latest campaign, we’re trying to topple a tyrannical government of wizards in a futuristic fantasy dystopian city.

Pandemic…It’s infectious

Hi there readers. I’m about to tell you a story of great woe. Something drastic has happened in my life recently. I know we’re normally all about fun and laughter here at The Goof Review but I feel I must take a moment and inform you all of some bad news.

Heroes of Metro City… What an Atro-City

See what I did there with the title? I'm proud of that. Evidently the bench mark for what I will consider acceptable in entertainment is not impossibly high. So when I tell you that 'Heroes of Metro City' is so boring that I'd find it more enjoyable to see if I can beat my personal best thumb twiddling speed record than to play that game, that should give you some indication of my feelings towards it.